Sandpit Cover 120X130

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This replacement part keeps cheeky animals out while sun, rain and wind naturally cleanse the sand. Who doesn't love their play sand fresh, ventilated and odor-free?
Width (cm)0.106
Height (cm)130
Compatible withJungle Fort, Jungle Chalet, Jungle Villa, Jungle Lodge, Jungle Cabin, Jungle Palace, Jungle Barn, Jungle Farm
Weight (kg)106
Weight (kg)106
When the sandpit is not in use, bring in this standard included Sandpit cover. The sun, rain and wind work as natural purification of the sand and moist can freely evaporate. We therefore strongly recommend not to cover the sandpit completely with a plank or lid because it often causes molding. Looking all nice and tidy around the sandbox. Combine with the Sandpit Snaptools for easy securing to the sandbox. This Sandpit Cover Net (size M) fits the sandbox of the following playtowers: Jungle Mansion, Jungle Cubby, Jungle Cottage, Jungle House, Jungle Hut, Jungle Home, Jungle Casa, Jungle Club, Jungle Castle and Jungle Tower.

The cover that prevents animals for going in to the sand
Made of UV-stabilized PP multifillament yarn
Knotless net, diameter 2mm twine
This cover is available as replacement

All Jungle Gym playground parts and materials are manufactured in accordance with the most recent European requirements, tested by Dekra and awarded with the GS certification for tested safety.
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