About Hy-land


Hy-land is established in 2004 by the makers of Jungle Gym, Netherlands; at the time already 10 years Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of family backyard playground equipment. The interest in Jungle Gym products for commercial use was becoming substantial, however all non-residential playground equipment ought be type-approved according to another European standard; EN 1176. Responding to this growing market potential Hy-land commercial playground equipment was designed especially for campsites, sport clubs, restaurants, nurseries, schools, etc.

Hy-land & Jungle Gym headquarters are based in Amsterdam, with dedicated employees working for both brands. Hy-land commercial playground equipment is sold throughout Europe and beyond.


The impressive Hy-land wooden play structures and components are continuously tested for safety, strength and durability. In addition, the production processes and facilities are constantly monitored. According to the European directives and the European safety standard EN 1176, both in our own in-house test laboratory and by the independent, accredited auditor TüV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH. Type-tested, GS certified for commercial use, intended for kids between 3-12 years old, Hy-land playground equipment feature:

  • Sustainable timber with robust dimensions, withstanding the rigors of intensive use in public areas
  • Safe, spacious non-conflicting play zones, without protrusion or entrapment hazards
  • Guardrails and barriers on all slide and climb openings to protect children from potential falls
  • Safe shock absorbing polymer swing seats reinforced with an aluminium core for additional rigidity and comfort
  • Hot dip galvanized steel swing chains with small links preventing finger entrapment
  • Stainless steel swing hangers with low maintenance non squeaking nylon bearings
  • Powergrip stainless steel ladder rungs finished with nylon rung end covers
  • Skid-resistant coated large galvanised steel handgrips
  • Professional non-brittle anti slip polyurethane climbing holds
  • Steel wire reinforced polyester rope climbing nets
  • Galvanised powder coated steel construction-, roof- and swing brackets
  • Integrated sandpit with non woven anti-root fabric and reinforced PVC sandbox cover net to prevent animals (e.g. cats.) from entering while allowing rain to clean the sand and evaporate
  • Triple-coated non-corrosive galvanised hardware shielded with polyamide bolt caps

    Hy-land products are surprisingly affordable in both purchase and ownership. The straight-forward range is developed together with business owners; a budget-friendly, robust, low maintenance playground as a service for their family customers. Hy-land products are easily (self-)installed with the illustrated step-by-step manual; any 2 persons with elementary carpentry skills and basic DIY tools; a power drill, measuring tape, wrench, wood saw and hammer. Assembly service can be arranged. Hy-land playground equipment is type-tested for commercial use when assembled exactly according to our instructions. No additional product assessment is required. With the provided checklist and logbook you can easily and legitimately do the periodic maintenance inspections yourself.

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