Hy-land is developer and manufacturer of wooden commercial playground equipment. Established in 2004 by the founder of Jungle Gym, Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of family backyard playground equipment.

For which locations are Hy-land playgrounds suitable?

Hy-land playgrounds are suitable for placement and exploitation in publicly accessible areas.

For which exploitation are Hy-land playgrounds ideally intended?

In the development of Hy-land playgrounds Hy-land focused on small-scale exploitation at controlled premises of restaurants, hotels, stores, nurseries, sports clubs, campsites and similar public areas with supervision.

Is Hy-land equipment also suitable for private backyards?

Hy-lands professional playgrounds are suitable for public areas ass well for private use. Hy-land playground equipment is initially designed for use and installation at publicly accessible playgrounds such as campings, sports clubs, restaurants, nurseries and schools. Playground equipment for this type of use must be tested and fulfill the European standard EN 1176 requirements.

Which standard and requirements are applicable?

All playgrounds installed outside the private (back)yard should meet the European standard EN 1176 requirements. EN 1176 contains general safety requirements and is the European standard for playground equipment and surfaces of public playgrounds.

Does Hy-land playground equipment meet the current laws and regulations?

If Hy-land playground equipment is installed in accordance with the assembly instructions it meets the requirements of the EN 1176. All Hy-land playground equipment is individually type-approved and GS certified by the independent and accredited auditor TüV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.


All playgrounds of Hy-land should be installed and maintained by the operator/owner in accordance with the included assembly and maintenance instructions. The operator is the one with the final responsibility at all times for safety of the playground equipment, the surface and surrounding area's.

What are the advantages of wooden playground equipment?

The popularity of natural materials is growing partly by the eco-friendly look of wood. Wooden playgrounds are relatively easy to self install and self maintain and have a robust look.

What are the specific advantages of Hy-land playground equipment?

Hy-land is easy to install, affordable and an attractive option for high quality playground equipment. Hy-land playground equipments are type-approved what means there is no need for an additional auditor when the playground equipment is installed in accordance with the assembly instructions. When this is done all Hy-land playground equipments automatically meet the requirements of the European standard EN 1176, the European standard for playground equipments for public areas.

How do Hy-land playgrounds get delivered?

Every Hy-land Project is a combination of hardware kits, a pre-cut timber package of pressure treated softwood or untreated Douglas Fir and a 3-meter slide in stainless steel or HD polyethylene.


How do I determinate what the required minimum space is for a Hy-land playground or swing?

The assembly instructions and this website are provided with information about the minimal required free safety zone for a safe placement and installation of every climbing frame and swing.

Will I be able to assemble Hy-land playground equipment myself?

Yes. Hy-land equipment is ingeniously designed and through this easily installed. All Hy-land Projects are equipped with step-by-step illustrated instructions and special Hy-land tools. Everyone with basic carpentry skills can easily (self)install a Hy-land Project. If requested Hy-land can also provide professional assembly.

Are alterations to the original Hy-land design allowed?

Hy-land climbing frames and swings are only type-approved (EN 1176) and GS certified by TüV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH when assembled exactly according to the provided instructions. In case of any alterations to the original Hy-land design it will not fulfill its original certified properties and should therefor be re-evaluated and certified.

Which tools are required to assemble my Hy-land?

Besides usual tools like a power drill, wrench, wood saw, hammer you do not need any additional tools. All Hy-land kits are provided with specific screw- and drill bits to simplify the assembly of a Hy-land Project.

How long does it take to assemble Hy-land playground equipment?

The estimated assembly time is different for every Hy-land climbing frame. Hy-lands smallest climbing frame, P1, takes about 4 hours to assemble by 2 persons (without preparing the ground surface). The estimated assembly time is specified at each product page of this website.

How to secure / anchor a Hy-land frame (in)to the ground?

Metal construction brackets are standard included for securing to a paved surface (e.g. under rubber tiles). For non-paved surfaces (e.g. grass, sand), additional ground anchors are available.

I want to place a Hy-land on a paved surface. What provisions do I have to make?

Do not place a climbing frame or swing on concrete, asphalt, compressed dirt or any other paved underground without shock absorbing material of which the impact attenuation complies with EN 1176:3 for a Critical Fall Height CFH ≥ 1.50 m.

Safety & Inspection

Does Hy-land playground equipment need additional testing/approval after assembly and installation?

No. Hy-land equipment is type-approved. Additional testing or approval is not necessary. After the installation someone with ultimate responsibility can do the inspections all by himself.

What kind of inspections and maintenance is required for Hy-land playground equipment?

Inspection by an audit agency is not necessary for Hy-land playground equipment. Not during the installation, after the installation or trough out the years. All Hy-land climbing frames and swings are type-approved. The owner/operator of playground equipment is obliged to secure its compliance with the EN 1176 during the time frame of usage. A checklist and logbook are included to legitimately carry out and record regular inspections and maintenance.

What to do in case of noticing a deficiency?

In case of noticing a deficiency the equipment should be considered unsafe and immediately secured against use until the deficiency is addressed.

What is the maximum load on polyethylene Hy-Slide?

The maximum load a polyethylene Hy-slide can carry is approximately 200 kg. This is equal to 4 children of 50 kg.


Which timber is used for Hy-land playground equipment?

The durability of the playground equipment depends on the choice of the timber. Hy-land is provided with softwood according to the classifying grading rules in the European standard EN 14081. And with its mechanical and physical properties it is equal to class C18 as per EN 338.

What is the durability of the timber that is used for Hy-land playground equipment?

The provided timber is classified in class 2 according to European standard EN 350. All sawn parts should be treated with an outdoor preservative to prevent timber from rotting. In case wood preservatives are used afterwards it should be applied in accordance with the relevant manufacturer's instructions. Special attention is required for parts that are in direct contact with the ground surface.

Does the timber come from sustainable sources?

Yes. The timber we use for climbing frames and swings comes from responsibly managed forests. The timber we deliver is FSC or PEFC certified.


What is the warranty on Hy-land playground equipment?

A two-year guarantee applies for defects in materials or manufacturing. In case of a manufacturing defect—and the owner is in the possession of a dated proof of purchase—the defective item can be returned. Hy-land will assess the defect, and assuming it falls under the guarantee, the item will be replaced, free of charge, within 30 days. All labor and other costs associated with the replacement of the equipment are not covered under warranty and will not be reimbursed.


What to do in case of termination the exploitation?

In case of termination the exploitation, remove all parts and components and dispose safely in accordance with local disposal ordinances.


Where to purchase Hy-land playground equipment or find a showroom?

In several European countries Hy-land can be purchased from our webshop directly. In addition in most European countries there are official Hy-land dealers which often have a display model. Check the Store Locater to find a Hy-land dealer near you or contact us. For any other questions, please contact our customer service.
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