Tool Set Climbing Units & Playhouses

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These tiny helpers seemlessly fit our climbing frame parts. With Jungle Gym's smart designs and providing handy tools like these, anyone can put together a climbing frame for their kids.
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Compatible withJungle Mansion, Jungle Fort, Jungle Chalet, Jungle Villa, Jungle Lodge, Jungle Cabin, Jungle Shelter, Jungle Cubby, Jungle Cottage, Jungle House, Jungle Hut, Jungle Home, Jungle Casa, Jungle Club, Jungle Castle, Jungle Tower, Crazy Playhouse CXL, Jungle Playhouse L, Jungle Playhouse XL, Jungle Palace, Jungle Peak, Jungle Barn, Jungle Farm
The Tool Set Climbing Units provides you with all the right bits and drills you will need to assembly your Jungle Gym climbing frame yourself. Our climbing frames are delivered to you so complete, the only things you need to own are a basic hand drill, a tape measure and a pencil. Some other handy tools that are standard included in Jungle Gym products, offered as replacement are: Tool 3D Level and Tool Set Swing Sets.

Bits and drills to assemble the climbing frame
Wood drill ø24.5mm
Wood drill ø10mm
Wood drill ø5mm
Metall Drill ø3.5mm
Insert Bit PH2
Insert Bit Torx 25
Insert Bit Torx 40

All Jungle Gym climbing frame parts and materials are manufactured in accordance with the most recent European requirements, tested by Dekra and awarded with the GS certification for tested safety.
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